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Top News - Canada Bears U20 Female- Sweden, Finland and Estonia

Scouting and Registration  

Coach Todd Renneberg is now compiling his roster for the tour and will be looking to take 9 forwards, 6 defensemen and two goalies. Interested players born from 2005 to 2009 can contact coach Renneberg or fill out the Athlete Application form.

Tour Brochure - day by day itinerary with cost and payment schedule

Tour Registration - please fill out the registration sheet and email it to coach Renneberg along with images of each passengers passport.

Contact coach Renneberg email

Upcoming Events

Coming soon.

Travel Information  

Money - Currency, Credit Cards, ATMs, Safety and more.

Electrical Power - what you need to charge your devices in Europe

Government of Canada - Information on travelling to, from and within Canada.

Canada Passports - all the information regarding passports.

Canada Embassy - Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates abroad.

Health Canada - Travel advice and advisories by destination.

Bon Voyage, But... - Essential Information for Canadian Travellers 

Re-open EU - This App provides information on travel and health measures in EU

Shengen Visa Info - Information on all the European Union countries

Calling Canada from Europe - to dial internationally from the Canada or from any other country

Allianz Insurance - We include the Medical and Cancellation Plan from Allianz in our package

Allianz Insurance Policy - All-Inclusive Plan policy, Covid information and pre-departure checklist.

Player Medical Form - Please fill out if you are participating on a sport tour.

Child Permission Form - please have it notarized and with you on the tour if a minor is travelling on a sport tour with only one parent. Please note that your notary may have a better form.

Europe Tax Free Shopping - VAT refund for visitors to the European Union 

Tour Destination Information

Helsinki, Finland - check our Azorcan's My European Favourites for a story, map and video.

Stockholm, Sweden - check our Azorcan's My European Favourites for a story, map and video.

Tallinn, Estonia - check our Azorcan's My European Favourites for a story, map and video.

Tour Itinerary & Pre-Departure Notes

Coming soon.


Thank You To Our Tour Sponsors

If you know of a company that would like to sponsor the team please contact coach Renneberg.

There are some additional items that we would like to get for the team.


Coming soon - the team will choose a home and away jersey, pant shell and socks

Coming Soon - each player will get a hoody, 2 t-shirts, a pair of shorts and a hat

There will be an apparel catalogue available for players and family members to order items.

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