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Azorcan Fan Tours - World Juniors, NHL in Europe and more.

Get on the Priority List to ensure that you have an opportunity to join us on our next World Juniors Tour in Finland 2028.

Azorcan 2024 World Juniors Tour - Gothenburg, Sweden

Thank you to all 350 people that joined our Azorcan WJ Tour in Gothenburg, Sweden.
We will have the Members Webpage up for a couple of months in case you need anything.

Tour participants can access our  Members Webpage for tour updates. Password required.

Canada has made an agreement with the IIHF to host the World Juniors every 2nd year.

This means that the World Juniors schedule should be as follows.

Canada (Ottawa 2025)

U.S.A. (Minneapolis 2026)

Canada (TBA 2027)

Finland (TBA 2028)

Canada (TBA 2029)

Czechia (TBA 2030)

Azorcan will have tours to the World Juniors in Finland and Czechia. 

Registration for Finland 2028 will start in December 2026.

Get on the Priority List to receive information when the registration process starts.

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