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Canada Bears Oldtimers European Tour

Top News - Canada Bears Oldtimers - Sweden, Estonia and Finland

Registration Now Open - Only a few spots remain!

Azorcan Global is conducting a third European hockey tour for players 55 years of age and older. The 13 day tour runs from September 23rd to October 5th with a group flight departing from Edmonton. 

Players are welcome from other gateways in Canada. Players from other gateways can arrange their own flights and take our no-flight discount or we can request a flight quote from your city.

Destinations in the proposed itinerary include Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, and Tampere. The group will enjoy sightseeing tours, and special events throughout the tour in addition to approximately 5-6 exhibition hockey games and 3 tournament games (2 x 15 minutes). The tournament has three age categories 50+, 60+ and 65+. We will split the team in two and enter two categories to ensure plenty of ice time for everyone.

This once in a lifetime sporting experience is open to all family members who would like to join us.

An Azorcan Tours Podcast about the trip is now available. Please click on the brochure below or print it off to follow along to the podcast.

The group will depart from Edmonton on Monday, September 23 and return on Saturday, October 5. Players can apply to join the team from across Canada as flights from different gateways can be arranged. You also have an option to book your own flights and join us in Europe.

Contact Willie Anderson at 780.916.3228 or by email to reserve your spot.

Athlete Application - if you are interested in joining the tour please apply now.

Canada Bears Brochure - check out the day by day itinerary with travel dates

Registration Form - once accepted please fill out the form 

Azorcan SmugMug - photos from our 2023 tour. If you want to send images for us to add to the gallery please email 10 maximum to

Upcoming Events

Practice Schedule - Apparel Fitting

July 19, 2024 at the Kinsmen Arenas

7:00pm - Uniform fitting for players and apparel fitting for players and spouses/tour guests.

8:00pm - ice session

Tour Destination Information

Travel Information  

Money - Currency, Credit Cards, ATMs, Safety and more.

Electrical Power - what you need to charge your devices in Europe

Government of Canada - Information on travelling to, from and within Canada.

Canada Passports - all the information regarding passports.

Canada Embassy - Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates abroad.

Health Canada - Travel advice and advisories by destination.

Bon Voyage, But... - Essential Information for Canadian Travellers 

Shengen Visa Info - Information on all the European Union countries

Calling Canada from Europe - to dial internationally from the Canada or from any other country

Allianz Insurance - We include the Medical and Cancellation Plan from Allianz in our package

Allianz Insurance Policy - All-Inclusive Plan policy, Covid information and pre-departure checklist.

Player Medical Form - Please fill out if you are participating on a sport tour.

Child Permission Form - please have it notarized and with you on the tour if a minor is travelling on a sport tour with only one parent. Please note that your notary may have a better form.

Europe Tax Free Shopping - VAT refund for visitors to the European Union 


Canada Bears uniform please see below. Last name will be added on the lower back.

Canada Bears apparel information coming soon.

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