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Canada Bears Female Europe Tour - Top News

The Canada Bears Are Now Adding Players To The Roster

Coach Rufus Sweet is now compiling his roster for the tour. Interested players can contact coach Sweet or fill out the Athlete Application form.

Upcoming Events

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Tour Information & Links

Money - Currency, Credit Cards, ATMs, Safety and more.

Electrical Power - what you need to charge your devices in Europe

Government of Canada - Information on travelling to, from and within Canada.

Canada Passports - all the information regarding passports.

Canada Embassy - Contact information for Canadian embassies and consulates abroad.

Health Canada - Travel advice and advisories by destination.

Bon Voyage, But... - Essential Information for Canadian Travellers 

Re-open EU - This App provides information on travel and health measures in EU

Shengen Visa Info - Information on all the European Union countries

Calling Canada from Europe - to dial internationally from the Canada or from any other country

Allianz Insurance - We include the Medical and Cancellation Plan from Allianz in our package

Allianz Insurance Policy - All-Inclusive Plan policy, Covid information and pre-departure checklist.

Player Medical Form - Please fill out if you are participating on a sport tour.

Child Permission Form - please have it notarized and with you on the tour if a minor is travelling on a sport tour with only one parent. Please note that your notary may have a better form.

Europe Tax Free Shopping - VAT refund for visitors to the European Union 

Tour Forms 

Coming Soon


The team will choose a home and away jersey, pant shell and socks. Each player will get a hoody, 2 t-shirts, a pair of shorts and a hat. 

Apparel Catalogue - for players and family members to order additional items.

Apparel Size Chart and Pricing Sheet

Apparel Order Form - Players please check with your coach for items already ordered for you. This order form is for additional items and items for family members.

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